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Ordie Mart first opened its doors to the Aviation Ordnance community in November 2003. The original founders were Barry Stemler and Kevin Forbes, a retired Navy CWO and an active-duty LT.

Stemler and Forbes started Ordie Mart with the intention of serving the Aviation Ordnance community with a variety of quality products not readily available which would both fill a void and foster a strong sense of AO community pride.


Little did they know just how much the AO community would embrace their one stop shop variety of products and great service. 


In January 2023, after running Ordiemart for 20 years, Barry handed it over to David King, a former AO Marine who is highly motivated and an entrepreneur.



David King is a Marine Veteran who served for five years on active duty as a 6531 Aviation Ordnancemen. He was stationed with HMLA-773, a Huey and Cobra attack Helicopter squadron. David was always the artist recruit. Since boot camp he was designing and drawing for his platoon, school house, or squadron. David has murals at the Ordnance School house at NAS Pensacola, and HMLA-773 Warner Robins hanger (closed). 

David always had a passion for art and the Aviation Ordnance community. He was able to combine the two at his squadron by creating and making all the going away gifts, designing logos, tattoos and so much more for his fellow Ordies. Now the new owner of Ordie Mart, David plans to continue to marry those two passions together and provide quality apparel, and other items for the Ordnance community.


David finished his time in the Marine Corps in 2014 and currently resides in Georgia with his wife of 10 years, and their two dogs.

David owns multiple businesses and when he's not working on Ordie Mart he's building something in his wood shop or drawing in his office.


Exciting new designs and merchandise are being designed daily.


Need something custom? We can do that too.

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