Hand Crafted Military Emblem Plaques by Steven Woelk

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Product Description

You can contact Steven Woelk and order your customized plaque directly through him. His e-mail is: kshmboy@gmail.com

Some of you might be saying who is Steven Woelk. For you history buffs, you might know Steven as a crewmember on board the USS PUEBLO (AGER 2) when it was captured by the North Koreans on January 23, 1968 and held prisoner for 11 months. Of the 82 surviving crewmembers, Steven was the most critically injured at the same time a fellow crewmember was killed as they were both trying to destroy classified documents.

Steven makes hand crafted military emblems including AO related plaques.

His plaques are unique because the emblem is put on colored glass. You will not see any of these out there on the market. They are hand cut with a scroll saw not by laser. Each plaque is a custom order. They are typically 9″ wide. From start to finish they take him about a week to complete and ship. His prices are extremely reasonable.

All his plaques come with a certificate of authenticity and he personally signs the back of each plaque.