John W. Finn Commemorative Coin

John W. Finn Commemorative Coin (includes shipping)


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This is the most historically accurate John W. Finn coin ever made.  After sifting through a lot of misinformation published about John it was evident that numerous AOs did not realize that John was in VP 14 or that he was an ACOM (Aviation Chief Ordnanceman) on 7 Dec 1941.  These two facts have been  documented and validated by John himself (see image 3) in case anyone would like to dispute John.  Ordiemart is happy  to help John set the record straight.

About the coin:  This commemorative coin is 3-1/4 high and 4 inches wide.  The plating is antique silver with antique brass double plating on the text and bullets along the edge.  For now we only made 200 and serialized them on the front. Please DO NOT ask for a specific number as you will be sent the lowest available number.

AAO Chapter 8 will receive $5 from the sale of each coin.