John W. Finn Gallery
Updated: 17 April 2015

Aviation Chief Ordnanceman John W. Finn received the first Medal of Honor awarded in WWII. He was stationed at the Naval Air Station at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii when it was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. You can read more about him at these sites.

Note:  John Passed away at 0545 on 27 May 2010.  He was 100 years old.  America lost one of her greatest Heros that day.  Please view selected photos of his memorial and burial at bottom of this page.

PBS: Stories of Valor - John Finn

John Finn Hall

John William Finn

Official Site:  Congressional Medal of 

If you have any photo's of John Finn that you would like to include in this album, please e-mail them to: and I'll post as many as I can.  Thank You.

Note:  A very special thanks to Mr. Frank Ereneta who has allowed us to share some of his very professional pictures of Mr. John W. Finn. This will help keep John's legacy alive for future generations of Aviation Ordnancemen.



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